James F. Ponder: 

Cybercrimes instructor for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 4 yrs

Involving Digital Evidence, identification of network types, network intrusion detection, system security


Computer forensics, network administration, criminal investigations of child exploitation, human trafficking, narcotics investigations, money laundering, high technology smuggling.  Founded Miami Cybercrimes Task Force 24 yrs


U.S. Army   Enlisted man: 2nd Armored Cav, West Germany, OPFOR role player; Officer:  missile officer, OPFOR instructor, testing and data collection for Hellfire missile, MILES Laser training, Blackhawk helicopter Operational Test-2, Science Officer for Humvee (1975-1987) 11 yrs


BA, History, with additional studies in Astronomy [1975]

Additional studies in Journalism and TV/Radio reporting [1978-79]

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