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Billionaire Astronauts

Today is June 30th, 2021 and I just watch the launch of another SpaceX flight, this one called the Transporter-2 Mission. It was , like so many of the other SpaceX flights, just beautiful. At the YouTube video, you can start a few minutes in, I normally start when the countdown gets down to T-1 minute. Typical no problem liftoff and separation, but the real grabber is a mere landing. The booster’s automated landing, this time back at Cape Canaveral once again was flawless, hitting the bullseye from about 70 kilometers up.

As the mission is still running, the link comes back to the starting photo of today’s launch, so in the YouTube search bar type: June 30 SpaceX launch.

In the podcast that should come out July 5th - Happy Independence Day all! - I discuss private companies with their own space programs, and billionaire astronauts. To me, a great way to spend your money. I hope you get to hear Episode #24, and please leave me feedback.

When I was a kid I was delighted to live in a time when we were going to the moon - and we did. I never believed Heinlein’s “false dawn” prediction, that after we went to the moon successfully, we’d basically stop major space explorations. As far as manned flight, that’s what happened unfortunately.

As an adult I am so glad to live when private citizens have their own successful space companies, and some are planning to go into near space, about 62 miles high, within the next month. Both Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are planning suborbital trips to the Karman Line, the boundary of space. Not only are these men running their own space programs, they are flying up on the maiden launches.

I plan to watch all the way through, and hopefully both will fly and return with no problems. I think that’s the kind of excessive First World spending we can be excited about.

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