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hacks and stupidity

Ah, a system problem crashed part of the internet. Another one. This time, apparently a rather massive internet shutdown that was not a hack, or at least so we’re told by some “experts” and some of the spokespeople of the companies involved. These are the companies temporarily not able to spew ones and zeroes in the right formats to transmit and receive data, kind of a problem in an internet dependent society. Do remember my repeated complaint to my cybercrime students, and mentioned to you: we have one, single internet. The same interconnected network of networks that everyday people use for banking, SpaceX and NASA use for spacecraft management, militaries around the world use for logistics, North Korean party members use to download child porn, cartels use to transfer drug money, and we all watch movies on. That internet. It’s broken in thousands of places, hackable in billions of places, and very few businesses can run without it. Anyone else here see a small problem?

Economics writer and fellow network security fanatic Karl Denninger kindly gave me permission to use several paragraphs of his excellent blog However, in light of the most recent events I have copied the whole link, I highly recommend you read what Karl wrote regarding the Colonial Pipeline hack. It’s short, do read it:

He had other entries after this dated posting you might want to read, all good intel. Clearly this was not a hack of a secured system. Not human error either. This is human stupidity, laziness, lack of training, open recklessness - I don’t even know what to call it. Merely firing someone who does this, or the manager who allows it is certainly insufficient for a breakdown of this size.

More to follow. JFP

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