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The Next Apple Device

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Did you see the article about Apple being granted a patent? Now, this was not the typical patent or copyright or trademark they get hundreds of approved every year. Remember, Apple is a hardware, software, smartphone and smartwatch company. So this should fall right in line with all the portable or wearable or desktop devices they have. Right? Well, not exactly.

It seems the good folks at Apple, which is a company definitely not building a car, have been granted a patent for a fully actuated suspension system. What? Some sort of gizmo for a desktop computer? Is this some advanced rig for a work-at-home setup? Not quite.

Patent #11,046,143 was just awarded to Apple, whose patent application used the terminology, “Some embodiments provide a fully actuated suspension system, which can provide adjustable displacement of a sprung mass from a neutral suspension position over an unsprung mass.” Uh huh. It goes on to describe this suspension as alerting the driver, augmented vehicle braking, and something about mitigating motion sickness.

So Apple, the consumer electronics company which is absolutely not building a car, gets a patent for an automobile suspension system. One that reduces the likelihood of motion sickness. So all this poaching of Tesla, GM and Google autonomous vehicle engineers was not for an immersive video game after all. Lovely.

Now, if the future Porsche-priced Apple cars would just not devolve into Johnny cars, there might be a few people interested. But do remember what science fiction writers have told us about the future of autonomous vehicles. On second thought, maybe I’ll just get that diesel pickup truck . . .

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