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Vaccine Passports - It’s Started

On the Drudge Report earlier this week we learned that France has caved in. Emmanuel Macron, the current French president, will require citizens and

residents there, as well as all visitors, to comply with the EU Digital Covid Certificate. While I had heard such a thing was in the works, I did not

know that this digital vax pass was actually deployed now, and ready to inflict upon an entire populace. It seems now to be fully developed.

According to the report in (discussing the impact of Covid and lockdowns on the Cannes Film Festival), all “cultural events” will require baring this health pass as they are called. All cinemas, theaters and concert halls will demand this hall pass, stating July 21st. Apparently these requirements are due to both Cannes, bringing in over 5,000 guests, over half from outside the EU, as well as the outbreak of the new Delta variant of Covid throughout France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Question: did the Wuhan lab order this upgrade, or was it some service patch that was pushed out, like fixing some newly discovered Windows problem? We need to know.

About that vax pass - per a Bing search, one is actually led to a website titled “EU Digital Covid Certificate,” so not much guesswork there. The specific website is:

The website is pretty well constructed, and most of the language is not in bureaucratese, which is always a positive. The left side of the site has a list of likely questions which are hyperlinked to the answers, and the answers are mostly in plain English too. Again, not off-putting by lawyer talk. As one would suspect, as this is an EU certificate, acceptance in one member nation means acceptance and thereby free travel throughout the other member nations. So no passport stamps, no “go over and stand in that line,” etc. It seems like it should work surprisingly well.

Europe should be a good testing ground for this, but the problem I see is the Europeans are quite compliant, almost studiously obedient. This will lead the politicians and bureaucrats on this side of the Atlantic to want to copy what the EU has launched, and maybe even have functioning hyperlinks to explain what’s going on. I have less than fond memories of the “cash for clunkers” website of about a decade ago.

It seems with the threats of consideration of door-to-door “visitations” to see what of the populace has voluntarily gotten jabbed with the corroborating paperwork, a digital vax thingy of some type is in our near future. What muscle will Dr Fauci et al, exert on businesses, schools and places in general to have our papers in order? Oh well, we do have one past functioning model of that to follow. The Stasi in East Germany got it down pretty well.

I genuinely hope we don’t go down that road; it seems permits and permissions metastasize well past their original intent. Hmm, wonder if this future form of confirmation will be required to vote? Maybe it’s not good to give them ideas.

Colleagues, what think ye? It would be good to get your take.

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